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Quan Ba Heaven’s gat
The gate is located about 50 km north of Ha Giang city and this is the first gateway into Dong Van Plateau. In the past, behind the gate was a kingdom of Hmong people with 4 districts Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Meo Vac, Dong Van and French built a huge wooden door to divide this area from the rest. Nowadays the door is no longer there, only a sign in both English and Vietnamese languages: Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate.Here is an ideal place to see the fullest scenery of Dong Van Plateau and super huge and spectacular valley with rolling fields, with the yellow color of rice, the brown color of the ground and rock, also the roof of the ethnic’s village. Standing at heaven gate you will have chance to admire masterpiece of nature - Quan Ba Twin Mountain (also known as “Co Tien mountain”). The mountains with a strange form. It looks like the peach fruit which are related to a very interesting “Co Tien Mountain” fairy.

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Ha Giang is Vietnam’s northern-most province where all most 90% of population are ethnic minotities with rich historical experience. The Unique Mysterious place along the Chinese border– a mythical combination of conical limestone peaks and deep, craterous valleys.

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